Monday, March 9, 2009

Teach Your Cat

Teaching your cat needs basic training of your cat first. After giving your cat basic training, you have to notice and discover the other signs in your cat. Knowing cats’ behavior and focus on your cat’s environment will make your cat teaching so easier. Cats are very sensitive to things like environment, sound and smell, touch, and reading human senses.

Teaching your cat is possible but the best way to understand and teach your cat is to read their behavior and instinct. If you miss the signs while teaching your cat and end up making your cat run away then do not try again at the same moment. Whilst you teaching your cat, remember one thing, never fight or follow back and punish your cat because this thing will badly effect on your relationship with your cat for a very long time.


First, start your cat teaching by his food time and put the food on that place or room where you think your cat feels comfortable. Then softly say your cat’s name and say him to come and go little back from your cat’s food. When your cat start having food do not watch at him and make yourself busy in some other thing because if you will watch your cat having food then this thing will make your cat uncomfortable and this is not a good way to teach your cat.

When your cat will finish the food then he will must look at you, right at that time, blink your both eyes together while watching in your cat’s eyes with smile and love then come near to your cat calmly and then pick your cat up in your arms gently but make sure that your cat body is supported by your hands under his chest and legs. You should also know about the sensitive areas about your cat body. If you feel like your cat is highly sensitive and reactive then do not rub on your cat chin, behind ears, on legs and touch your cat’s tail. If you do this then of course it won’t be a good teaching cat session.

Be patient while doing your cat teaching process because your patience will give you great rewards in the end and this was the best first start of teaching your cat. Your cat will gradually start understanding you and start understanding his name too. On his meal time, your cat will always come around you, rub himself with you, look in to your eyes, jump in your lap or say MEOWS and you will feel wonderful at that time.

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  1. Hi Sarah, so nice to meet you. Thanks for dropping by. I thought you might have your post a bit off as I find myself having to train my human parents all the time, sigh.