Sunday, March 8, 2009


Cat training is the key that makes the cat owners avoid mistakes with their cat. In my previous post I talked about how to make an initial, good and basic relationship with your cat. The first thing which we need to understand is that, cats learn from experience and if your cat likes your way of training then he will try it by himself, again and again. So in this manner the first part of Cat Training, which I already posted, will help you a lot and make you move toward second stair which I am going to tell you in this post.

Training of a cat requires one basic principle, “Allow your cat to show his natural behavior while training”, not to force your cat to do something. When you will start training your cat, love, care, guidance and patience will give you a great reward in the end. There are ways of training you need to focus on by using your creative way, despite giving instructions to your cat.

Stop Punishing and Start Changing:

“Stop punishing your cat and let your cat do what he doing” and that is the first rule which applies after the basic relationship of your cat in cat training process. Instead of giving your cat punishment, try to change the environment of your cat, which will help your cat change his mind state and focus on some other thing.

Example: For suppose your cat is making noise and at the right time you not in mood for listen the meows and see fuss around you. Take your cat outside of home or in some garden so that he can play around, see other people, jump on the trees etc. that thing will change your cats mind of state.

I agree some people here will disagree with me about doing all that and it can make their cat more aggressive in bad manner because whenever their cat want to go out then he will make fuss around them and that can be disturbing. But the point here is that, In cat training, this thing will make your relationship with your cat healthier and make your cat understand the outside world of your home and while playing outside this thing can make your cat train in many suitable manners.

This is the wining situation for training your cat because when your cat is out then many things he is learning automatically which the basic problems are for you, like start groping new things, learn how to play with ball, how to walk beside you and chase you with enthusiasm, how to climb on a tree, learn the etiquettes of staying with other people and most important freedom which cats love.

This is the most successful training cat method. In this one way you train your cat automatically about several things and which your cat learns with love and fun. Sitting with your cat for 20 to 30 minutes in a park for your cat training purpose can release the stress and boost your happy relationship with your cat.

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