Sunday, March 8, 2009


Spending time with cat is almost like spending time with a new born baby that needs your time and attention as a new member in family. Cat as a lifetime needs extra care and well being in your hands as a sweet cute kitten always. Cat as a member in family needs nourishment and special care from his owner in order to have a remarkable relationship in life.

According to me having a cat in your life is a worth a million dollar idea moreover it increases the excitement in your life. Things that I can suggest you about having a cat is first need to make a financial decision on your budget because having a cat in your life needs extra care and your attention too. You need to spend time with your cat, play with your cat and learn the meanings of his activities and meows plus you need to understand the body language of your cat, his walking way, sounds, playful mood, running, scratching the wall and carpets because cats often show their need by their body languages and express themselves by their sounds and different ways of love. Cats need your time to play with them and furthermore there is an important factor between cat-human relationships rather then other pet-human relationship.

Before having a cat, think seriously about every factor that matters in your relationship with a cat. Ask yourself that are you ready for having a cat and can maintain a healthy love relationship with your cat in order to full fill the needs of your cat. Cats are much intelligent and sooner come to know about your mood moreover if you know the right methods for living with a cat then you will smile brightly and say, MEOW. :)

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