Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cat Behavior

Cat behaviors are the most important thing which every cat owner should know about. Cat behavior always let you know if you both are going to get along. When anyone first time tries to get a cat then he or she can’t comprehend the several behaviors of cat, but don’t be discouraged. Solving some cat behavior might be quite crucial but there are some ways and if you read and understand them then you can easily understand and make the memorable relationship with your cat.

Solving your cat’s behavior may take your commitment, patience and want a good relationship with your cat. Don’t let the challenges come over you for solving your cat’s behavior because with passion and patience you can complete this challenge in a successful manner rather then making it more difficult for you. Your cat behavior may be the result of your cat emotional state instead of some real health problem of your cat. Your cat might make a fuss and noise around you but you have to promise yourself and make a quality decision in order to fix your cat behaviors problem. Normally by behavior, Cats also show loves for their owners by doing several things and the only thing is that you need to understand whether your cat behavior showing you love or there is some serious problem with your cat. Your cat’s behavior can be described in following categories:

• Because of the care of your cat.
• Aggressive behavior of your cat with you.
• Your cat not comfortable with other pets.
• Eating strange and new food.
• Health Problem of your cat.
• Your cat’s indoor and out door activities.
• Comfortable with previous owner only.
• Happy and want more pets in home.
• Want toys.
• Cat needs your attention and love which you lacking.
• Fearful with several things.
• Not a home lover.
• Food not on time.
• Scratching over walls and curtains for fun.

And so on ……………

If you are not understanding your cat’s behavior then you might facing one of the above problem which you need to fix. These behavior points of your cat can also vary from weather to weather. Your cat provides you endless entertainment and love if not facing any problem and runs behind you with enthusiasm to catch you. When you have a cat and you really concern about your cat behavior then examine your cat’s soul and keep looking those indications which coming out through your cat’s behavior.

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