Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cat Training (Basic Training) Part 1.

Cat training contains some rules to be followed in specific ways. If you see, your cats is fussing in your house then follow the rules to train your cat instead of punishing your cat because it will produce negative response if you punish your cat. Teach your cat some useful and precious skills that can help you understanding your cat and make it so easy to have great boundless friendship with your cat. Believe me, there are several ways in which a cat can be trained so well, even more your cat will love you for it for this kind of special cat training.

I had an adopted cat with a very aggressive nature and lack of behaviors. At last I decided to stop my cat from scratching the furniture and other problems then train my cat to perform almost every command. I wished to impress my friends by teaching my cat extra impressive and wonderful tricks, and I did it. The secrets which I am going to tell you will really help you train your cat and helped me a lot for my cat training.

This Cat training first step is so essential and basic.

• Increase the amount of your time and show love and care for your cat.

Cat-human relationship is almost like human relationships in which we need time and care from our loved ones. After watching the behavior of their cat, many people increase the tension between them and their cats rather then teaching their cats with patience and love. Your cat needs your time but not like you spend all of your time with him and take away their independency. You also need to get busy in your work but just whenever you come back from you work then do spend some time with your cat and make the moments happy while showing your cat your love and care so that both of you create a special love bounding.

Do not try or pretend to show some extra care for your cat. If you pick up your cat and your cat runs away then let your cat go, do not try to run behind your cat, Cats love their independency.

For creating love with your cat, the rule is simple. If you will show extra care and love for your cat then your cat will see you as an owner who is taking his independency. If you will show your care and love for your cat in a limit then your cat will come at you and rub him with you in love and will try to grab your attention.

Training a cat is not such an easy and simple task, it just needs patience and your care but always remember, Never behave with your cat as a rude person because you are teaching and training your cat rather than to become like your cat. Only do this first step and you will notice the things begin to change and those will be the very good signs of successful beginning for training cat.

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